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 S5 Training – Workplace Organisation  

Virtual Classroom  Dates 27th of November 2020   Class Times: 9:30 to 16:30  

"Taken from Financial Times Guide to Lean". 
Location: Virtual (online) Classroom Training 


5S Workplace Organisation 
5S is commonly associated as being a housekeeping practice, a deep spring clean. At the surface level, it is true that untidy and cluttered workplaces are less productive and safe. A deeper aim is to develop the team member’s awareness and responsibility of normal and abnormal conditions in their direct work area. It enables frontline staff to see to problems and waste as soon as they surface and facilitates root cause problem solving. 5S is visual communication of the workplace status leading to enhanced employee engagement – “a mess is stress”. 
5S also becomes an ongoing practice to help employees think about how their work area is laid out and arranged, and for them to act on all the small things that can make the workshop better, safer, more ergonomic, and easier to work in. 
Benefits of 5S 
Organised and safe environment 
Reduced time searching for and retrieving tooling and equipment Make the workplace “talk” to us through visual management 
Make problems immediately visible Improves staff productivity 10-30% 
Helps build discipline and good habits Improved work flow 
Saves space Standardised workplace 
Reduced equipment breakdowns Addresses the root causes of operational waste 
Reduced stock useage and spoilage Enhanced employee morale 
Part 1- Get the Knowledge. What you will learn / take away for the course. 
1. 5S Overview 2. 5S Simulation Game 
3. How to Release One Hour per Employee per Day with 5S 4. Proven 5S Roadmap & Best Sequence to Roll out the Stages & Individual steps 
5. 5S Visual Management System 6. 5S Cleaning Schedule Template 
7. 5S Red Tag Log sheet 8. 5S Shine Template 
9. 5S Audit 10. 5S Metrics 
11. Before and After Photos Template 12. Management Waste Walk Template and Exercise @ the Gemba 
13. 5S Idea Capture System 14. 5 S Expectations Across Roles 
15. Cultural Considerations for Successful Deployment 16. Proven Practices for Sustaining 5S 
Part 2 - Implementation Plan Development and Alignment 
1. Practical workshop on Developing the Target Area’s Detailed 5S Implementation Plan for Deployment Post Workshop 
Note: Soft copy templates of all 5S implementation files such as the 5S Weekly Audit etc. will be provided to support the practical implementation of 5S in the workshop after this two-day workshop. 
Places cancelled within 10 working days of commencement must be paid in full. Substitutions may be made at any time at no additional charge. 
Lean Six Sigma S5 Training

Virtual Classroom 2020 | Class Times: 9:30 to 16:00

Day 1: 8th October 2020 |
Day 2: 20th October 2020 |
Day 3: 3rd November 2020 |
Day 4: 17th November 2020 |
Day 5: 22nd December 2020

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